The Third Eye Radio Show - Listener Testimonials

Sharon, Essex

"You predicted that I would meet a younger man and guess what? Your prediction has come true…"

Hillary, Loughton

"I just wanted to say you are a brilliant reader; everything you have predicted has come true so far…now I can’t wait until I meet my soul mate."

Tony and Sue, Essex

"We listen to your show every week, my partner and I think its fab. Keep up your irreverent view of the world!"

Lin, Kent

"Thanks very much for replying to my e mail regards my on off partner. He did indeed contact me on Tuesday as you predicted. Also thanks for your words of encouragement…"

Kay, Brighton

"Susie is terrific, I was so pleased with her down to earth, tell it as it is approach. So many psychics beat about the bush, and you never quite really get a clear message. Susie’s straight talking is a breath of fresh air. Thanks to you both for a superb show, you work well together, and it’s that combination that produces the full effect. The TV has now been abandoned."

L.Hof, Netherlands

"Thanks for the reading last week about my new date. It did indeed go well, just as you predicted, and we will be seeing each other again!"

Andrea, Kent

"Thanks Susie for my readings, i honestly don’t know what I’d do without you!"

Jim, Devon

"Thanks to you both for a great show!"

Annette, Lincolnshire

"Just to say thanks for your reading. It came true word for word, as you predicted it, every time I think about it I get shivers up my spine. Well done Susie and thanks."

Jane, Manchester

"I was astounded when you told me in a reading, that I was thinking of having breast implants! that’s exactly what I was wanting to do!! How did you pick that up?"

Jeanette, Humberside

"I was involved in a court battle concerning my children. You predicted I would win the case, and I did, I am pleased to say, my kids are back home. A big thank you."

Robert, Grimsby

"I was involved in a crown court case. While the jury were out, you predicted a two year conditional discharge. Thank heavens that is exactly what happened. Thank you."

Janice, Harlow

" I wanted to know if I would find a job change, you predicted I would within 6 weeks, and it happened…"

Mark, Reading

" I just wanted to let you know, things are going very well between my girlfriend and myself, just as you predicted, Susie. Progress has been slow, but you said it would be. Many thanks for your help."

Alice, East London

"I had a major problem with my neighbors, who were making my life hell. You predicted within a couple of weeks it would stop. I didn’t see how, as it had been going on for so long, but there have been no problems since."

Janet, London

"You predicted that I would be moving abroad, and setting up business there. Slowly and piece by piece, this has happened even though I cound not see it happening at the time.."

Sarah, Norfolk

"I had to laugh to myself. You predicted that my business partner would turn up again and stand there with his hands on his hips, and that’s exactly what he did!"

Gillian, Cleethorpes. (audience work)

"I was astounded when you picked up on my friends daughter, who had passed over from a drug overdose , in her twenties. Very comforting, thank you again."

Rose, Grimsby (audience work)

"You managed to pick up on my son, who had passed over the previous year, after hanging himself; it brought me to tears, but I’m very grateful."

Alisa, Grimsby (audience work)

"Thank you so much for bringing me a laugh and a tear after contacting my dear husband who had passed away 3 yrs previously. You correctly told me that he was from a Romany gypsy family, and how we loved to dance together."

Alan, (audience work)

"Thank you so much for sensing both my grandparents on my mother’s side. It brought tears to my eyes."

James President, Lincolnshire Spiritualist church

"You predicted my illness 6 months before it happened, now I’ve had to slow down, and my life is better than ever."