The Third Eye Radio Show - New Projects

Among the different projects being developed by Trevor and Susie is The Concept.

This unique form of radio programming designed for transmission as well as for podcast downloads. The programmes can be themed to produce a delightfully eclectic music mix based around one subject that is constantly full of surprises.

The Concept can, of course, also be tailored to reflect the stationís preferred music genre. Either way, along with the music, sound effects are added to stimulate the listenerís imagination and enhance the listening experience in unexpected ways.

But what really makes The Concept different is that it is Britainís first virtual radio show. None of the presenters you hear are real. Instead, the Third Eye team makes imaginative use of text to voice programmes to create cyber jocks that have personalities all of their own.

You can hear short samples by clicking on the link below, but to appreciate the full potential of The Concept, two, one-hour demo programmes are available on request.

Click on any title and choose "Open" to listen to the file, or "Save As" to download it.

The Third Eye Psychic Radio - The Concept

The Third Eye Psychic Radio - The Concept