The Middle-Aged Meat Market and How To Survive It

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Trevor John has just completed a book entitled The Middle-Aged Meat Market And How To Survive It. Now in search of a literary agent, its all about being over 40 and having done the divorce youd now like someone new to love and share your life.

Unfortunately, as he found out, the Middle-Aged Meat Market is a dangerous place to be in, populated by users and abusers, along with the seducers, the seditious and the unscrupulous, not to mention the desperate, the devious and the downright dangerous.

Cataloguing the experiences of fellow divorcees, The Middle-Aged Meat Market is rich with real-life tales that are very funny, thought provoking or just downright scary. In essence its not a place for the nave, innocent or unwary.

To help other newcomers stay alive in this murky nether world, he not only decided to write this handy and witty overview of what to expect, he has recorded excerpts from the book for you to enjoy.